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[April 01, 2006]
Plans today, hmm. Well I'm going to Jack Astor's at around 9 for a friend's birthday. That shall be fun, but I need to take a quick nap before so I don't fall asleep during dinner time.

So I'm kinda mad at my friend. Basically, it was lunch time and he was talking to someone and he was trying to convince them that he could go a week without talking to someone, so my friend told him he would buy him lunch if he could do that. Sooooooooooo before I know it, he's ignoring ME and not talking to ME for an entire week! I'm like, what the fuck! Everytime I tried to talk to him, he would motion zipping his mouth shut, like what a kindergarden teacher would do to signal silence! So yeah, pretty fucking stupid how he exchanges one day's worth of lunch money for a friend's feeling.

Thanks a lot, jackass =(
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The Man Show [March 30, 2006]

Sunday 9 April, 2006
The Man Show
featuring Final Fantasy, Mantler, Matias + guests
Pop Avant series

<3 !
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[March 19, 2006]
Happy first day of spring!

Things to look forward to:
- stashing away that big bulky winter jacket!
- bike-riding to school everyday
- walking/biking to parks with friends
- shopping for a new spring jacket!

C'mon, add on to the list :)
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[March 18, 2006]
Blythe dolls (blythedoll) are soo amazingly cute! They make me want to change my hair now, and maybe even get my own. Well, that's the first thing I'll buy when I have 200 dollars to spend on a doll. Until then, I guess I'll just have to look at pictures o_o.

In other news, yeah relationship problems. This time, it feels like it's unfixable, and there's so much bothering both of us, too. I feel some permanent damage coming up .. sigh.
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American Eagle [March 16, 2006]
This is what I do when I want to encourage myself to save up make myself feel bad for not saving up any money.

List of things I want from American Eagle but cannot afford.
and fuck Hollister and A&F- stupid overpriced shit (Actually, Hollister is okay-priced, it's just that I can't see anything when I walk in.)




Hoodies and Sweaters


Hats and Shades

Flip Flops
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Result of my boredom ! [March 15, 2006]
Went on Wikipedia and looked at every year's events from 2006 to 2020 and here's what I came up with:

January 1, 2007 - Change of ISBN numbering system to 13 digit code.
March 23, 2008 - Easter Sunday. Easter has not fallen this early since 1913.
February 13, 2009 - A celebration is expected as the Unix time number reaches 1234567890 seconds at 23:31:30 UTC
February 17, 2009
- Analog television broadcasts are scheduled to end in the United
States, requiring all stations to send their signals digitally.
January 15, 2010 - Annular solar eclipse (The longest lasting annular eclipse of the 21st century.)
April 9, 2010 - It is projected that on this day the world population will reach 7 billion.
May 19, 2012 - Saturday Night Live's contract is up
December 31, 2015 - Copyright on Hitler's Mein Kampf terminates.
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[March 15, 2006]
Jenn: You're so stupid, Danny.
Danny: Yeah, unlike some people! ... I mean .. YOU ARE!!!
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[March 07, 2006]
Japanese Navy Recruitment Commercial
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[March 05, 2006]
I think I should start ironing my own clothes from now on, or maybe even washing it, too. I'm sixteen years old and still rely on my mother to do all these things for me.

Argh, I'm so pissed off though. My black shirts and hoodies don't look black anymore because the enormous amount of lint on them make them look grey with black stains. My beige Converse hoodie has hints of purple on it from burns my mother created when she was ironing it, and she blamed it on the drawstring. My Hot Hot Heat concert tee is pretty much fucked up until the next few washes because my mother ironed right over the fucking design, smudging the reds all over the white shirt.

:( :(

PS - New layout and join whatsyourmix
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[February 19, 2006]
ً jennnnOsaurr * !!! says:
lol http://www.hanzismatter.com/
(¬.¬") 凍奶茶 [ 非常唔開心... ] - 胡定欣 <3 says:
wtfux? o,.o
(¬.¬") 凍奶茶 [ 非常唔開心... ] - 胡定欣 <3 says:
what'st ath
ً jennnnOsaurr * !!! says:
click on it and maybe you'll find out dipshit
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[February 14, 2006]
The sentence:

If you practice, the typing speed will improve.

According to my dumbfuck of an English teacher,
typing = verb
speed = adverb
improve = noun

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[February 13, 2006]
Possibly the stupidest thing ever to happen in a Grade 11 University English course:

A debate over whether "loyalty" was an adjective or an adverb.

Actually, something even worse:

The teacher concluding that it's an adverb.

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[February 04, 2006]
So about 10 minutes ago while I was watching a classic episode of South Park, I noticed that my mother received a complimentary gingerbread cookie from the local supermarket. I remember how fond I was of gingerbread houses when I was little and figured they would taste the same.

I took a bite out of the gingerbread man's poor legs and slowly moved my way up. Might I add, there was no gingerbread penis so nothing sexual happened, mkay. I noticed a weird taste in my mouth and for about 2 full minutes tried to figure out what it was. Alas, I asked myself ... do I taste ginger?, and made a mental note to research the making of gingerbread online to verify the precense of the mystery ingredient.

About 30 seconds later it dawned on me, and now I know what it's called gingerbread.
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[February 02, 2006]
So let's hear from Valentine's Day gift ideas for boyfriends :) Discuss, discuss!

Also, I went to school today for Exam Review Day ... just a day where you find out your final mark and your exam mark. My chemistry teacher didn't go to school today, which pretty much bummed me out because that was the one mark I was most excited to see. I slept in, so I missed my computer science class, and pretty much the only class I went to was Math. So yeah, I dropped so horribly in that class .. I got a 60% on the exam which dropped my final mark from 77% to 72%. Well it's not all that bad considering the class average is 54% right? Half the kids failed. Oh well, I'm so glad I'm done with 11 Math. :D
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[February 01, 2006]
Join whatsyourmix! It's kind of lonely being the only member there :)
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[January 31, 2006]
My chemistry exam is today, and then I shall be free! I shall be able to frolick in the wild and dream of unicorns all day!

Until next Monday of course, when I have to conquer Biology, Physics, Calculus and English until summer 2006.
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[January 29, 2006]
Yesterday was so fab. I went with Billy to Harbourfront. It was a gorgeous day and the lake was blue and sparkly. The sun was blinding but at the same time made everything 10 times better. We took a walk along Ontario's prestigious lake, intaking and mentally photographing as much of the beautiful scenery our brains could handle. Sitting on a bench, facing the music garden and resting on his shoulder was probably the best feeling ever.

We then had lunch at a restaurant with a magnificent view of the waters. The food was fantastic and the chicken parmesan was the best I had ever tasted.

Afterwards, we decided to walk to central downtown, Toronto, but it didn't compare to the time we had in close proximity to lake Ontario.

Oh, I feel most alive when my heart skip beats for him.
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[January 26, 2006]
It's a sad day to be a Torontonian.

First of all:
lol at Harper's third day on the job. Key reads:
- "Harper raised the issue without prompting this afternoon in his eagerness to stake his political turf. He wasn’t asked about comments from U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins this week but offered a response anyway."
- "He intends to deal with the same-sex marriage issue early in his mandate, but not immediately."

Second of all:
Headline: Tears, Fears for Canada's Troops - So now it's no longer a peacekeeping mission, but a "combat mission" and it's laid out there, plain and clear that there will be casualities. Is it just me or does that picture of the man hugging his two sons just makes life a little more depressing? Even worse, they're just going to keep shipping off about a hundred or so Canadian troops every other day until there are about 2000 of us in Afghanistan. Endpoint: Terrorism makes me sad.

Third and most depressing of all:
Cabbie killed by racing Mercedes - Allright so, big deal right? It's nothing new that innocent by-standers die in these car accidents, but this is far far far far far more depressing and almost brought me to tears. Tahir Khan, a 46 year old man had just dropped off his last client for the night and was driving back to his workplace while two 19 year olds were recklessly drag racing, going over 140 km/h on a 50 km/h zone. One of the cars hit Khan's taxicab, killing him instantly but leaving the fuckhead with only a few scratches. The other one didn't hit the taxicab and drove away, pretending to be an innocent on-looker. Here's the tragic irony: Tomorrow would have marked Tahir Khan's 6th year living in Canada, allowing him to obtain Canadian citizenship. With this, he was planning to get a passport and fly over to Pakistan, where he came from, and bring back his wife of 15 years, and his two sons. He also wanted to visit his sick mother and his brother. How horrible is that? He left his wife and haven't seen his family for 6 years, and he had worked so hard, sacrificed so much and suffered a lot just so he could emmigrate his family to Canada in hopes of escaping the poor living standards of Pakistan. It's really depressing how the reckless behaviour of these University students have caused the death of someone who does not deserve it at all especially after having made such huge steps to better the future of his children and his wife.
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[January 25, 2006]
Well, I had a dream last night and I think it tried to tell me that deep down I felt unappreciated.

I mean, wouldn't you feel unappreciated if there was this crazy, depressed guy holding you and your friends hostage in your basement with the intention of killing you guys one by one by spraying insect repellant on you, forcing the toxic fumes to be inhaled, and then you single-handedly talked the crazy, depressed man out of it and helped him cope with his feelings and turned him into a better man, and no one thanked you at all and everyone just went on with their lives?

Do I have weird dreams or what ..
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[January 24, 2006]
Happy 4 months to me && my babyy!

That's the single piece of good news for today, becauseeee .. it's exam week. ARGhh. Allright, just to remind myself because I can be forgetful ..

Computer Science : Slot A
Functions & Relations : Slot B

Monday :
World Religions : Slot B

Tuesday :
Chemistry 11 : Slot C

Skipping school tomorrow .. to STUDY. I know I am the ultimate rebel, you don't have to tell me.

Blah, still trying to digest the fact that right-wing extremists are running my country.
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